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Shaw McLellan is a general law practice, with the flexibility to meet your legal needs.  Our clients often have more than one legal problem they need solved.  
   Real Estate
   Wills & Powers of Attorney
   Estates & Trusts
   Criminal Law   
   Civil Litigation (including Matrimonial)
   Corporate and Commercial
   Municipal & Development Law
   Specialty Initiatives

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Real Estate

  • We act for clients who are buying and selling houses, condominiums, farms, vacant land, lots & commercial properties.
  • We also do the mortgage work for borrowers and lenders including banks and financial institutions.
  • We assist clients from preparation or review of agreements of purchase & sale to the final closing of the transaction.

Wills & Powers of Attorney

  • We review with clients their personal circumstances together with their needs and expectations and work with them to craft last will and testaments and powers of attorney for property and personal care that are appropriate in their circumstances.
  • Once in place we recommend periodic reviews to ensure that these important documents still meet their needs.
  • We also assist clients in setting up primary and secondary wills (sometimes referred to as corporate wills) where the need exists.


Estates & Trusts

  • We work with executors (estate trustees) in administering estates.
  • This usually (but not always) entails making an application to the Superior Court for probate (certificate of appointment of an estate trustee with a will or without a will as the case may be).
  • We help estate trustees work their way through all the necessary steps and procedures so that estate property can be distributed to beneficiaries.
  • In special circumstances one of the lawyers in our office will act as estate trustee for clients who want us to undertake this responsibility.  We recommend that a family member or trusted friend assume the role as estate trustee, however, because it costs money to have a lawyer in this role whereas a family member is likely to charge very little or nothing.
  • We work closely with accountants and financial advisors in setting up inter vivos trusts (i.e. trusts that are in place during one's lifetime) and testamentary trusts (which come into existence after a person dies).  We help set up and assist in administering specialty trust vehicles.



  • We assist clients in a wide range of cases from Superior Court to Provincial Offences Court.
  • At least one of our lawyers is in Collingwood Provincial Court several days almost every week.
  • While we do most of our criminal trial work in Simcoe and Grey counties, in special circumstances we represent clients in jurisdictions across the Province.
  • Brian McLellan has a very large caseload of criminal files and works predominantly in Collingwood and Simcoe County.
  • Paul Shaw has a special insight into firearm related charges and will often assist clients in jurisdictions throughout the Province.


Civil Litigation (including Matrimonial)

  • We handle a wide range of civil litigation ranging from divorce and matrimonial to collections, contract disputes, personal injury claims and construction lien work to mention a few.
  • Our experience has been that with the significant cost to take a court case all the way to trial and sometimes to one or more appeals thereafter, most cases in which we are involved eventually settle. 
  • Quite often mediation is helpful to resolve or at least narrow issues.


Corporate & Commercial

  • We help clients navigate the complete business sector.  We work closely with a client's accountant to structure the business vehicle that works best for the client.  As the client's business grows and/or diversifies the type of business choices often evolve.  Our clients vary from sole proprietors to partnerships to corporations. We set up corporations from beginning to end, do mergers and acquisitions and even help clients wind them down when no longer needed.
  • Partnership and Shareholder agreements and specialty agreements are often crafted to meet ongoing needs.
  • Some of our clients have layers of corporations with holding companies, subsidiaries – you name it, if the client and the accountant want it, we do it.


Municipal & Development Law

  • We work with land use planners, engineers, architects, environmental experts, surveyors and other experts to help clients navigate development projects through the often complicated and convoluted land development process.  From simple severances and minor variances to complex development projects, we do it all.  We work with and for municipalities, individuals, and developers.  Whether it is lot/parcel creation by severance, plan of subdivision, or plan of condominium, or perhaps a development project by site development agreement, we can help.


Specialty Initiatives

  • Sometimes clients have legal needs that fall outside of the areas of traditional legal practice.  Our lawyers are often asked to sit on non-profit and for-profit boards or help clients make difficult business choices. 
  • We regularly attend schools and social clubs and talk to people about matters of interest and give presentations. 
  • We try to be good corporate citizens and give back to the community that has supported us so well for over 30 years.