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Law Firm History

Paul Shaw, Brian McLellan and David Melitzer established a law partnership in early 1977 with an office in Collingwood. In 1978 the partnership acquired the Thornbury practice of John Metras, Q.C.  John became the City Solicitor for the City of Brampton, a position he held for 25 years until his semi-retirement. In 1983, David Melitzer made a career change and became assistant Town Solicitor for the Town of Richmond Hill.

Paul and Brian continued to practice in partnership and were joined in 1983 by Jim Ironside who articled with the firm. Jim became a partner in 1988 and thus established the law firm name of "Shaw McLellan & Ironside".  Jim has since established his own law firm in Collingwood.

In 1982 Shaw McLellan moved its Collingwood office to the historic Schoolhouse Lane building. The law office expanded to take over the complete second story of the building in 1993, when the Thornbury and Collingwood practices were consolidated at the Schoolhouse Lane location.

Shaw McLellan is a full service law firm with an extensive practice in real estate, corporate/commercial, wills/estates/trusts and litigation (criminal, civil and family). We service predominantly Simcoe and Grey Counties but often assist clients on matters right across the Province.

Schoolhouse Lane Building History

The land on which the present building called Schoolhouse Lane is situated was originally donated for school purposes by Sheriff B.W. Smith prior to municipal incorporation of the Town of Collingwood in 1858.  Collingwood's first public school was built on site in 1858 and the building was used for that purpose until 1884.

The original school was extended in 1879-80 when a brick addition was added.  This two-storey, brick structure still stands and has been incorporated into the present site. 

The bell that was installed on this first Collingwood elementary school has been preserved by the municipality and may be seen at the Collingwood Museum.

Despite its antiquity, the building was never vacant for long.  Its uses included MacMillan's Livery from 1903 to 1946 and Brown's Lumber from 1946 to 1976 before its restoration to its present state. 

In 1976, Jim and Cathy Mulholland purchased the lands and major renovations took place making the site into a mall. The upper floor was used as a banquet hall for weddings and social functions.

In 2013 a heritage award was presented by the Town of Collingwood in recognition of a new elevator addtion which served the 2nd floor of the building.

Schoolhouse Lane Today

Today, the site is the home of Shaw, McLellan whose offices extend throughout the complete upper level.  The new elevator serves the second floor.  On the main floor is a very popular Italian restaurant, Tesoros (   It's proprietor Joel Miller operates an equally popular "Mercato" where Italian specialty foods are made and marketed.



We are often told that the Schoolhouse Lane setting is one of a kind and frankly it is.  The site is a unique part of Collingwood's history and is habited by some pretty distinct businesses all of which are right next to a huge municipal parking lot, a stone throw from three major banks, Collingwood's main street, the bus route, the municipal offices and arena.

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